Friday, January 23, 2015

CougarCorner Battles, Round 2

What do you get when you place 4 strong-willed BYU Cougar fans into a podcast? A lot of great takes as three battle for the best take on a number of questions.

Today the CougarCorner Podcasters take on questions like:


  • Better chance, NCAA or NIT
  • WCC Finals or bounced in the WCC tournament opening round
  • More likely for Kyle Collinsworth to get 3 more triple-doubles or no more
  • If you could currently have 1 injured basketball player return who would that be
  • Why is the cupboard so bare
  • Which legacy great would you rather have on this team
    • Keena Young or Noah Hartsock
    • Rafael Araujo or Russell Larson
    • Shawn Bradley or Trent Plaisted
  • Which ROC experience is better, basketball or football
  • Name the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) to wear #1
  • Best 2015 Road Trip
  • Which newcomer for 2015 are you most excited about
  • Best coach on the staff
Cougars in the Pro
  • 12th man in the NBA or starter in Europe
Speed Round
  • Luke Staley v Utah '01 or 4th and 18 vs Utah '07
  • Miracle Bowl or Harline's still open
  • By George! Vs Utah 09 or Red Alert vs Tulsa '11
  • 52 vs Utep '10 or 48 vs Memphis '14
  • Texas '13 or Texas '14
  • Best Cougar centric site on the internet
And of course our Cougar Trails and Cougar Tails.

I hope you enjoy listening!

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