Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cougar Battles 4

CougarCorner Podcast presents... Cougar Battles 4

0:00 Intro

1:28 Cougar Conspiracies

Basketball Corner

11:17 WCC Tournament Recap
22:54 WCC Finals Recap
30:56 Why does BYU struggle in conference tournament championship games?
35:50 What year will BYU actually win a conference tournament?
40:00 BYU's most improved basketball player
44:26 Tyler Haws, an appreciation
50:26 Can Kyle Collinsworth get another triple double this year?
55:00 BYU's chances in the NCAA Tournament
1:08:50 How long does Dave Rose coach at BYU?

Football Corner

1:17:30 GOAT #3 (Greatest Of All Time to wear the #3 at BYU)
  • Scott Collie (WR)
  • Brian Gray (DB)
  • Naufahu Tahi (RB)
  • Kyle Van Noy (LB)
  • K. O. Kealaluhi (WR)
Most anticipated 2015 game
Taysom Hill's style of Play
Offensive Line
Spring Practice takes

Speed Corner

  • Better sport, Lacross or Rugby
  • Best women's sport at BYU
  • Should Rose's seat by hot
  • Who will coach longer at BYU, Rose or Mendenhall

Cougar Tails and Cougar Trails.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cougar Battles 3

CougarCorner Podcast presents... Cougar Battles 3

0:00 Intro

Basketball Corner

0:48 Marriott Center Annex Names
11:40 Kyle Collinsworth Triple Double Watch
18:04 Tyler Haws closing in on Jimmer
23:00 Odds vs Gonzaga
26:54 NCAA Tourney Odds
34:29 Best help from 20 years ago

  • Ken Roberts
  • Byron Ruffner
  • Randy Reid
  • Nathan Cooper

Football Corner

42:13 GOAT #2 (Greatest Of All Time to wear the #2 at BYU)

  • Bryce Mahuika (WR)
  • Spencer Hadley (LB)
  • Cody Hoffman (WR)
  • David Christensen (WR)
  • Norm Dixon (DB)
  • Kurt Gunther (K)

46:58 Best Future Road Trip
54:31 Speed Corner (best backup QB

  • Christian Stewart or Ryan Hancock
  • James Lark of Riley Nelson
  • Charlie Peterson or Brandon Doman
  • Kevin Feterik or Ty Detmer

 1:09:00 Winner
1:10:00 Cougar Tails and Cougar Trails.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

CougarCorner Battles, Round 2

What do you get when you place 4 strong-willed BYU Cougar fans into a podcast? A lot of great takes as three battle for the best take on a number of questions.

Today the CougarCorner Podcasters take on questions like:


  • Better chance, NCAA or NIT
  • WCC Finals or bounced in the WCC tournament opening round
  • More likely for Kyle Collinsworth to get 3 more triple-doubles or no more
  • If you could currently have 1 injured basketball player return who would that be
  • Why is the cupboard so bare
  • Which legacy great would you rather have on this team
    • Keena Young or Noah Hartsock
    • Rafael Araujo or Russell Larson
    • Shawn Bradley or Trent Plaisted
  • Which ROC experience is better, basketball or football
  • Name the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) to wear #1
  • Best 2015 Road Trip
  • Which newcomer for 2015 are you most excited about
  • Best coach on the staff
Cougars in the Pro
  • 12th man in the NBA or starter in Europe
Speed Round
  • Luke Staley v Utah '01 or 4th and 18 vs Utah '07
  • Miracle Bowl or Harline's still open
  • By George! Vs Utah 09 or Red Alert vs Tulsa '11
  • 52 vs Utep '10 or 48 vs Memphis '14
  • Texas '13 or Texas '14
  • Best Cougar centric site on the internet
And of course our Cougar Trails and Cougar Tails.

I hope you enjoy listening!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

CougarCorner Battles, Round 1

The podcast introduces a new format, CougarCorner Battles. In this new format the moderator asks questions and the panel argues their viewpoint. The moderator assigns points based on the merit of the argument and at the end a winner is declared.

In this battle, the moderator, Scott, asks questions about the 2014 BYU football season, as well as the BYU basketball season while Chad and Steve vie for points. Enjoy, and let us know what you think of the new format.

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