Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Football season recap and basketball to date, plus talking elite

It's time for the weekly CougarCorner podcast! This is the podcast by Cougar fans, for Cougar fans! This week, we're bringing you the important information from every corner of BYU Sports.

In our first corner we take a look back at the 2013 football season. We discuss how it went from one of the toughest schedules ever to a marquee name season.

The second corner has us looking forward to the future of BYU football on the horizon and what and where BYU needs to go, which leads us to an interesting discussion in our third corner.

In our third corner the discussion turns to whether BYU can be elite. The discussion starts with football and the chances of BYU being elite and how the basketball team compares to the football team as well as if the basketball team could reach elite status.

Finally, for our fourth corner, the discussion turns to the basketball squad and how the Cougars have fared thus far in conference play and where we're likely to go over the upcoming weeks.

Our Jimmer corner gets some good news for a change, which is always a nice change.

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