Thursday, October 3, 2013

BYU and the Utah State Rivalry Question

Cougar fans, thanks for coming for the latest, and possibly greatest of the CougarCorner podcasts to date.

This week we cover the corners of Cougar sports that matter to the fans.

First we review the Cougar victory over Middle Tennessee, Podcasters break down each position group and let the listeners know what we think.

The second corner we look at Taysom Hill and his progression as a young Sophomore. We talk about if we think that his improvements are here to stay, or if he will continue to struggle going forward.

The third corner, we talk about the vexing question of Utah State and a possible rivalry there. This is a rivalry that makes a lot of sense to our Utah State fan bretheren, but seen with a sense of bemusement by many Cougar fans. We weigh in with our thoughts on the question of a rivalry between the two schools and fans.

In our fourth corner we look forward to the Utah State game, giving our ideas of what we think BYU needs to do to come away with a win and ultimately make our picks for the game.

Our famous Jimmer corner, we talk about former Cougars in the pros and any news we have on them.

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

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  1. "Just be cool for once, USU fans. No double middle fingers, 'kay?"