Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Looking back at Notre Dame and forward to Nevada Reno. And Hoops!

It's time for the weekly CougarCorner podcast! This is the podcast by Cougar fans, for Cougar fans! This week, we're bringing you the important information from every corner of BYU Sports.

In our first corner we take a look back at the Notre Dame game, discussing how the game unfolded and why it turned out the way it did.

The second corner has us looking forward to the Nevada Reno Wolfpack and what the Cougars will need to do to snap their road woes and get back to winning.

In our third corner we cover all aspects of the BYU Hoops squad, including the last weeks worth of games and upcoming games against some pretty big teams.

Finally, for our fourth corner, in honor of Thanksgiving and the holidays we have the annual Airing of Grievances and share what we're thankful for. This is one segment you will not want to miss.

Our Jimmer corner gets mixed up in there too, so listen for that.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BYU v Idaho State and Cougar Hoops

Good afternoon Cougar fans! It's time for the weekly CougarCorner podcast.

We are going to talk about all the corners of Cougar sports.

1. We review the BYU loss to the Wisconsin Badgers.
2. What's left for BYU to play for this football season? Is there anything worth playing for? Your CougarCorner podcasters chime in.
3. Idaho State is coming in to town for senior night. We talk about what to expect and give our predictions.
4. Cougar hoops, BYU has started off fast, with wins against Weber State and Stanford, now they are facing Mount Saint Marys and Colorado Mesa. Lots of exciting things to look forward to this season in the Cougar hoops.

Finally, we discuss our Jimmer corner, and give out our Cougar Tails and 'hit the trails.'

Finally, we dedicate this podcast to Cougar great, Todd Christensen and wish his family our condolences on his passing.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

BYU at Wisconsin

Cougar fans, it's time for the weekly CougarCorner podcast. This week we have all the corners of Cougar sports covered. We talk about the Cougar win over Boise State, the bye week and injuries that come from team activities (J D Falslev), and then preview Wisconsin Badgers football as the Cougars travel to Camp Randall. And for our fourth CougarCorner sports topic, we talk about the BYU Hoops squad and the season opener this Friday night against Weber State.

We hope you enjoy Cougar fans!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cougars versus Broncos

Cougar fans! It's time for our weekly CougarCorner podcast, where we talk about the 4 corners of Cougar sports.

Today we'll review the Cougar on Cougar action from last Saturday and talk about what looked good and what looked bad in the BYU Cougars 47-46 win over Houston.

Next we've got some stats and numbers discussing the 2013 defense and compare it to the 2012 BYU defense.

In our third Cougar Corner we preview the upcoming football game against Boise St. Discussing the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and how they will affect the outcome of the game.

Fourth is the Cougar Basketball preview, discussing the Boom Shakalaka and Cougar Tipoff, as well as the music videos being released by the Cougars.

Lots of great Cougar information to be had and we hope you enjoy it.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The all Cougars podcast, BYU v Houston

Welcome to the all Cougar CougarCorner podcast! Today we talk BYU Cougars and Houston Cougars. We are covering all corners of Cougar sports.

Corner 1. Lets take a look back at Utah St. and the Georgia State wins. We have a lot of ground to cover because of the two games. There is a lot to point out in terms of offensive performance as well as the defensive dominance.

Corner 2. We take a look at BYU's midseason performance so far and give out midseason grades and talk about midseason news. Lots to talk about in how the Cougars have progressed so far throughout this season.

Corner 3 we preview the Houston Cougars game coming up this weekend. Houston is undefeated on the year and will go up against a BYU squad that is starting to get the offensive output that matches the defensive prowess. It should be a great game.

Corner 4, Boom-Shaka-Laka. Yes, hard to believe but it's already time for basketball. We have a lot to say about BYU hoops, and you'll want to hear it all.

Thanks for listening to the Podcast, we hope you enjoy it.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

BYU and the Utah State Rivalry Question

Cougar fans, thanks for coming for the latest, and possibly greatest of the CougarCorner podcasts to date.

This week we cover the corners of Cougar sports that matter to the fans.

First we review the Cougar victory over Middle Tennessee, Podcasters break down each position group and let the listeners know what we think.

The second corner we look at Taysom Hill and his progression as a young Sophomore. We talk about if we think that his improvements are here to stay, or if he will continue to struggle going forward.

The third corner, we talk about the vexing question of Utah State and a possible rivalry there. This is a rivalry that makes a lot of sense to our Utah State fan bretheren, but seen with a sense of bemusement by many Cougar fans. We weigh in with our thoughts on the question of a rivalry between the two schools and fans.

In our fourth corner we look forward to the Utah State game, giving our ideas of what we think BYU needs to do to come away with a win and ultimately make our picks for the game.

Our famous Jimmer corner, we talk about former Cougars in the pros and any news we have on them.

We hope you enjoy the podcast!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Middle Tennessee State at BYU Podcast

BYU is coming off of a tough loss against Utah, and with a short week need to turn their attention to the upcoming game against Middle Tennessee St. Your CougarCorner Podcast team has put together a great podcast of all the Cougar sports news that you're going to need and want to know.

Corner 1: We review the BYU - Utah game, talking about the things we saw and the data we have analyzed about how the Cougars played against the Utes.

Corner 2 we take a look at the Go Fast, Go Hard offense. Does it fit at BYU. Can it work at all? CougarCorner podcasters have some great insights.

Corner 3, Middle Tennessee State game on Friday night. It's a white out and the crew has all the insights you'll need about a team that you may not know much about.

Corner 4 we turn our attention to Jeff Benedict article about Spencer Hadley and the deplorable way that Utah fans are responding to this article about a kid who made a mistake and is going about making it right.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and enjoy the podcast!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Holy War Rivalry Podcast

Cougar fans, are you ready for the Holy War? It's time for the Cougars and the Utes to face off in this battle of state supremacy and the CougarCorner Podcast crew has their thoughts and insights to share with you.

First we talk about the bye week, and what it's good for and not good for. How we think BYU handled it and what to expect coming out of it.

In the 2nd Corner, we talk about BYU news that has come to light over the last week or two and how it will affect BYU going forward. Topics like Chris Bader, Tayo F., and Spencer Hadley.

Third Corner we recap the IMG Bronco Mendenhall show with Greg Wrubell where our very own special reporter Jim was sent on scene to get the inside scoop and bring it back to you, our listeners.

Rounding out our Cougar Corners, we talk about the rivalry game, including a position by position analysis and comparison between BYU and Utah. We decide which position group has the edge on the other and how we think they will fare in the Holy War Rivalry. We give the keys that BYU must avoid in order to have a chance at winning and the keys that they must achieve to ensure that victory.

Finally, we give our predictions on the outcome of the game.

As always we wrap up with a Jimmer Corner and our shout-outs and shout-downs.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Texas, Bye Weeks, and Utah Football

Cougar fans, the CougarCorner Weekly Podcast is back, starting off a new season just a few weeks late. We're bringing you the best insights into college sports and all things BYU.

This week we give a quick season recap for the Cougar football team. Talking briefly about Virginia, more about Texas and what the Cougars will look to do during this bye-week to prepare for the Utes. There's a lot of great information here for the invested Cougar fan.

Of course we can't not mention the Lady Cougar Soccer team, who is tearing it up, and Dave Rose and his winning recruiting battles while having surgery to remove cancerous spots (speedy recovery, Coach!).

We thank you for taking the time to listen and hope you'll join us at

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