Thursday, October 25, 2012

First hand review of Notre Dame, GT, and Basketball

CougarCorner went on assignment to South Bend, IN to cover the BYU Notre Dame game and we have the unique insight and perspective that you can only get at to share with you.

Chad talks to us about the experience of attending a game at Notre Dame and all the tradition and experiences that go into it. We talk about it and then discuss the game, getting the unique perspective that one can only get from being there in person.

We also take a look at the upcoming Georgia Tech game. Where can the Cougars look to find success against the pesky Yellow Jackets? Where will GT try to attack BYU. If our experts don't know it, you don't need it!

Next, there's a quick fire question and answer topic, as well as a great deal of discussion about the football program in general, including Riley Nelson, James Lark, Brandon Doman, Bronco Menenhall, Jamaal Williams, Kyle Van Noy, Ziggy Ansah, and a whole lot more.

Last we take a few minutes to look forward to the basketball season. There's a lot coming and we have the first perspective to help gauge where our hoopsters will end up.

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  1. Ah-yeah, cavorting with the mistress of football!

  2. Giving this a re-listen, I'm reminded of what a candy-grinch you are. Give the kids the good stuff Hawk!