Thursday, September 6, 2012

Washington St. Review, Weber St. Preview, 4 Tough Games

Hello Cougar fans! It's time for another CougarCorner Podcast. This week, we introduce our new regular podcaster, Mars.

This week we review the Washington St. game in depth and share what worked and what didn't. Where the Cougars need to improve and where they looked in fine form. We have a lot of great insights and data into how the Cougars played (BYU and WSU!) and what to expect going forward.

Next we turn our attention to Weber State and how the Cougars should approach this game. BYU should win handily, but how will they use their players? Who will come in and when? And what surprises may Weber St. have in store for us? There may be a little break in the action here to talk about the upcoming Utah State Utah game too.

Finally, we rank the 4 toughest games this season and give our reasons why each game falls where it does. Find out which of the CougarCorner experts you agree with!

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  1. Thanks again guys for letting me add my thoughts to those of two professionals! It was fun. Also...

    You suck Wyoming!