Friday, July 13, 2012

BYU Baselines of Success, Media Day, and why we love BYU

Hello Cougar fans, welcome to another podcast! Today Hawkwing is joined by SpiffCoug and Schmoe and we have a lot of BYU sports to talk about.

First we take a look at BYU's Media Day and dissect the news and information we learned from that. Did BYU mess up in not releasing scheduling news? Should Bronco be concerned about the future status of his players and their chances to get drafted into the NFL? What was great about Media Day and what wasn't?

Next we turn our attention to the upcoming 2012 BYU football season and what are our baselines for a successful season. We discuss where the team needs to be in terms of wins, points, as well as what position groups need to step up.

Whats the deal with the Holy War Rivalry? We talk about where we think it's gone, where it's going, and what should happen in the future. Who needs it? Who wants it? We talk about it.

Next we take a look at what is clearly the most tragic sports story in years. The terrible actions of Penn State to cover up abuse. This leads us to discuss what we love about BYU and the need for fans to hold their schools to higher standards.

Because of BYU's great standards Jabari Parker likes what he sees at BYU and we talk about his releasing a top 10 teams list which includes BYU. Great news for BYU fans everywhere.

Finally, we talk about Jimmer and his role this summer in the summer league.

We hope you enjoy listening to it nearly as much as we enjoy making it! As always, if you have any comments, come and visit us at the CougarCorner forums to talk with the best Cougar fans on the internet.

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  1. Good stuff! Too short though. I am left wanting more...