Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cougar Football Bold Predictions, Senior QBs, Season Preview, and Jabari Parker

Welcome Cougar fans, it's the extremely popular CougarCorner Podcast.

The podcasters are back from their spring hiatus and they are ready to talk BYU. This week we cover the bold predictions that users made recently in the Bold Predictions thread. What was bold? What was weak sauce? We cover it ALL here*.

A big part of whether we hit some of those bold predictions, either positive or negative, depends this year on senior QB, Riley Nelson. Since CougarCorner's own SpiffCoug invented the PER standard for BYU QBs (135), Spiff and Hawkwing discuss what the standard is now for senior QBs. Listen to find out what it is.

Next we review the upcoming season in general and give a quick overview of how we think the season might go. Are we talking 11-1 or 8-5?

Not to be left out, the final Cougar corner is in the basketball realm and we talk about the hottest young recruit in the nation right now, Jabari Parker, and what it means for BYU to be on his list of potential schools. Does BYU really have a legitimate shot at this kid? We'll give you our take on it. And discuss, briefly, the upcoming basketball season.

No CougarCorner podcast is complete without a bonus Jimmer corner, and this week we give a special shout out and congratulations to Jimmer and Whitney on their recent nuptials. Congrats!

Enjoy the podcast and Go Cougars, and visit!

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  1. Pretty good stuff. And definitely better than CougarCenter's!