Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Regular Season Wrap-up and thoughts on Jake Heaps

Cougar fans, it's time for another CougarCorner Podcast. In this podcast we cover some of the familiar corners of BYU sports, but we also take a special look at the regular season as a whole and Jake Heaps saga.

In our first corner we review the great game the Cougars played at Hawaii, winning 41 to 20 and hand out the coveted CougarCorner Player of the Game awards to... (hint: Riley Nelson, Joe Sampson, Daniel Sorensen, and the entire kick coverage unit are in the mix).

Our second corner takes a look at the BYU season as a whole. You'll be delighted when you hear some of our pre-season predictions and just how right, or wrong, we were were (although sometimes we didn't get there the way we thought we would. We also pick our regular season players of the season. Do you agree with our picks of Riley Nelson, Kyle Van Noy, and Cody Hoffman? Listen for our reasons.

Our third corner we turn our attention to the upcoming Bell Armed Forces Bowl and give you our brief thoughts on that, in advance of further indepth podcast covering the issue.

In our fourth corner we talk about the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Jake Heaps. Jake Heaps has announced he is leaving the program, so of course we have to share our thoughts about it. We talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Where does BYU go from here and where does Jake Heaps go.

And of course no CougarCorner Podcast is complete with out the trademarked Jimmer Corner. In this Jimmer Corner, we discuss the upcoming Jimmer-BA season and when you can catch Jimmer at the Energy Solutions Arena.

Enjoy Cougar fans and go Cougars!

1 comment:

  1. I think Hoffman continues to return kickoffs his entire career.

    It looked like the coaches wanted to take him off this year, but they put him back on returns when the others couldn't get it done.

    With the continued development of Apo, BYU can afford to have Hoffman returning kicks since there will be other good receiving options.