Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Utah State Review, QB Conundrums, San Jose St. Preview

Cougar fans, there is a lot of things to talk about in Cougar Nation and we have you covered! Today we cover the four corners of Cougar sports in the CougarCorner podcast.

The corners in today's podcast:

1. Utah State Aggies vs BYU Recap
We cover the story of the game, looking into the special teams, defense, and of course the offense. What BYU did right, where they struggled, and where the Aggies are, and what they can look forward to. We also name our players of the game. Offense: Riley Nelson; Defense: Uona Kaveinga; Special Teams: Ezekiel Ansah, Preston Hadley, and Cody Hoffman.

2. Quarterback Conundrum: Riley Nelson and Jake Heaps
Our last topic leads directly into the topic of the miracle save by Riley Nelson, caused in part by the severe struggles of Jake Heaps. We discuss the dissension on the internet, why fans should come together and how statistically the QB position should be played out in the next game, for the rest of the season, and in the future. This is one segment you will not want to miss.

3. San Jose State Preview
Discussing the future of the QB of course leads to our next game, San Jose State. Is this game a guaranteed easy victory for any QB? Are there dangers to be aware of? The CougarCorner podcasters point out what BYU needs to do to come away with a win. We also point out things where BYU is vulnerable to watch for in the game.

4. The BigXII and BYU
There has been a lot of smoke about BYU and the Big 12. The talk is non-stop and has been for several months. What do you really need to know? What is really going to happen? We cut through the crap and rumors floating around and lay out on the line what we think is really going on.

Jimmer Corner
No CougarCorner podcast is complete without a Jimmer Corner. Today we turn our sights on the NBA lockout and some innovative ways to end the madness.

Bonus Corner
Because we're feeling the groove we threw in a bonus corner tonight, talking about a very serious issue, one that is a serious tragedy. The lack of interest by the Utes and Chris Hill to keep the Holy War Rivalry alive. This is one of the biggest tragedies of the conference realignment nonsense and Utah should be ashamed of their part in letting this great game die.

We also throw out some props to our Prediction Game winners, congrats!

Thanks for listening, and as always, visit CougarCorner.com to share your thoughts and ideas with a passionate community of Cougar fans.

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