Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Podcast: SJSU Review, Michael Alisa, OSU Preview, 2nd Half Struggles

We have a great podcast today. We are going to be covering the four most important corners in Cougar sports. Yes, that's right it's the CougarCorner Podcast.

The corners in today's podcast:

1. San Jose State @ BYU Recap
This game had a lot of stories, BYU's offense. Questions about Riley Nelson, the running game and Michael Alisa. The defense and the return of Jordan Pendelton. What BYU did right, where they struggled, and where the Trojans are, and what they can look forward to. We also name our players of the game. Offense: 1 for Riley Nelson, 2 for Michael Alisa; Defense: 1 for Kyle Van Noy, 1 for Jordan Pendelton, and 1 for Brandon Ogletree; Special Teams: unanimous for Justin Sorensen.

2. Running Game Emergence? Michael Alisa
No discussion of the game would be complete without spending some time on the break-out story of the game. Michael Alisa ran roughshod over the SJSU defense. We take a very hard look at what he did, who he did it against, and what to expect in the future.

3. Oregon State Preview
The emergence of Michael Alisa leads to questions about what he can do going forward. There are also questions about what Riley Nelson will do going forward as the bonafide starter of the team. The CougarCorner podcasters point out what BYU needs to do to come away with a win. We also point out things where BYU is vulnerable to watch for in the game. Finally, we end with our predictions.

4. Second Half Struggles
Discussions through the podcast have brought up time and again the struggles we've faced in the 2nd half all season long. It's time to discuss if these are Jake Heaps, Riley Nelson problems or do the roots of the problem lie with the coaching staff, Brandon Doman or even Bronco Mendenhall.

Jimmer Corner
To please the Jimmer, we've turned our attention to his fiance, Whitney who is in line for the Athlon Sideline Spirit Award. Text 'spirit' to 67463 and then vote for Whitney Wonnacott!

We also throw out some props to our Prediction Game winners, congrats!

Thanks for listening, and as always, visit CougarCorner.com to share your thoughts and ideas with a passionate community of Cougar fans.

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