Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Idaho St. Review, TCU Preview and Cougar Tipoff

Cougar fans, it's time for another CougarCorner podcast! Scott and Chad are covering all the corners of Cougar sports and have plenty to share about whats going on and whats coming up.

In our first corner the guys discuss the BYU ISU football game. We talk about the good and the bad and as always give our Player of the Game awards. Hint: Riley Nelson from both of us on offense, Kyle Van Noy and Jordan Johnson on defense, and Kyle Van Noy on Special Teams. Listen to find out why we picked who we did.

In the 2nd corner we break down the level of competition and our strength of schedule this year versus last year. We examine some timely similarities and spend a significant amount of time on BYU's struggles against TCU over the last several years.

This leads directly to the 3rd corner, where we preview the BYU TCU game coming up this Friday at 6pm Mountain time. You'll definitely want to hear what we think will be similar to previous games and what will be dramatically different. Does BYU even have a chance in this game? You'll find out here first!

Our 4th corner switches gears to basketball and the Cougar Tipoff, Wednesday at 6pm at the Marriott Center. We talk about the upcoming players and the team. We also have some special things lined up for CougarCorner podcast listeners so make sure you join us.

Finally in our Jimmer Corner we talk about a life free of Jimmer basketball. Not a world either of your podcasters want to live in. So get on the ball, NBA!

Thanks for listening to the podcast, as always, visit us at CougarCorner.com

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  1. Come on, where's the love for Jordan Pendleton? He was the defensive MVP.

    Led the team in tackles, led the team in sacks. Made tackles in the open field even while he was being blocked.