Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25th CougarCorner Podcast

Cougar fans, it's a great day, our 25th podcast. This has been a great and exciting adventure and we've been happy to share it with you. We're really looking forward to the next 25 podcasts. We hope you enjoy this and all of the podcasts as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Today we change up from our normal 4 corner podcast and harness the power of the triangle! Yes, we have 3 angles to cover in the podcast.

In our first angle we talk about the Oregon State game. An all around great win for the Cougars where the Cougar offense really started to get rolling again. We talk about Riley Nelson, Michael Alisa, Cody Hoffman, Kyle Van Noy and Brandon Ogletree. Lots of great stuff to talk about, including the players of the game: Cody Hoffman and Brandon Ogletree.

Our second point is the Idaho State game preparations and the Cougars opportunity to prepare not only for ISU but possible beyond? We talk about what we may see if and when the Cougars get up. Do the podcasters think that Heaps should play? Lark? Munns? Take a listen and find out.

Because this is our 25th podcast, covering the last 10 months, we cover the 25 biggest Cougar sports stories. It's a great look back at the last 10 months and we hope you enjoy it.

As always, enjoy the podcast and you can leave us feedback at


  1. How does Hoffman have a 198 RBR with one carry for 3 yards. There is something wrong with your formula.

    A 3 yard average is not good.

    Thanks for the podcast. Always love to listen


  2. The 198 comes becomes RBER measures both carries and reception yards. Because Hoffman had nearly 200 yards receiving his ER is very high. Even his "carry" was really just a pass, a lateral pass, so he doesn't really count as a RB, we just threw it in for fun.