Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Utah and UCF Reviews; Utah State Preview

We have cast our pod, Cougar fans. And covered the four corners of Cougar nation! In this weeks podcast Chad and Scott analyze the Cougars and share with you our insights.

Today on the podcast, the key Cougar Corners are:

1. Utah review - it's been a week and a half, just barely enough time to start thinking back to the worst game in BYU history during the lifetime of the podcasters. We award the Player of the Game awards to: Offense- Cody Hoffman; Defense- None; Special Teams- None.

2. UCF review - A must win game if there ever was one. The game wasn't pretty by BYU but they did Rise Up and come away with the win when they needed to. This was definitely a turning point in the team for the season and the podcasters are relieved that they turned towards victory and progress. There's a lot to discuss here such as the use of running backs during the game, and the introduction of the new CougarCorner Metric, RBER. We award the prestigious CougarCorner Podcast Player of the Game Awards to: Offense- Bryan 'The Kariyan' Kariya; Defense- Kyle Van Noy; Special Teams- Cody Hoffman.

3. Preview Utah State - Is this the defense that BYU needs to get it's offense on track again? Or will the USU offense be able to run all day on the Cougars? We cover all the aspects of the game and give some surprising keys to victory for both teams.

4. Analysis of Offensive Woes - Sadly for Cougar fans we're not nearly as far along offensively as we had hoped to be. There are a number of problems in the offense, and we talk about them all so that you can see where BYU is struggling, where they are sound, and where they can look to improve.

Jimmer Corner - We discuss the development that LeBron James will be following in the Jimmer's footsteps and wants to hold his own 'All-Stars' game.

And of course, we talk about who is doing particularly well in the prediction game.

Enjoy the podcast, and as always if you have questions or comments, or just want to be part of the discussion, stop by http://www.cougarcorner.com and join the forum!

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