Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ole Miss Review and Texas Preview

Cougar fans, it's time to join the CougarCorner podcast and look back at the Cougar victory over Ole Miss Rebels. We talk about how the game evolved, what went right for the Cougars and what went wrong. The game provided a good yard stick to see where the offense was under first time offensive coordinator, Brandon Doman. The Bronco Mendenhall defense was excellent also.

Next the podcasters turn their sights to Texas. We break down the team and let you know what you need to know about Texas as a Cougar fan. We talk about what it is going to take for Texas to do well, and what BYU needs to do to stop them. We also discuss where BYU must excel to overcome the Longhorns. Finally we make our predictions. Which expert is right?

Congratulations to the CougarCorner Podcast players of the week, offensively it goes to JJ DiLuigi and defensively Kyle Van Noy wins the prestigious honor on the defense.

Finally, as always, we take a moment to see where Jimmer is, and whats happening with the All-Star game.

Enjoy the podcast!

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