Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ole Miss Preview

Cougar fans it's time for the start of the football season and we have a lot to talk about! Of course this weekend BYU travels to Oxford, MS to play Ole Miss. CougarCorner podcasters Chad and Nathan share their insights into the Ole Miss program and what to look for as a fan.

We give our keys to an Ole Miss victory giving our thoughts as to where Ole Miss could attack BYU and come away with a victory. Next, we discuss the keys to a Cougar victory, pointing out what we perceive as Ole Miss biggest weaknesses and where BYU can take the most advantage of the situation.

Of course we would be remiss as Cougar podcasters if we failed to take this opportunity to discuss a bit of the events that have been unfolding in terms of conference realignment and we give some thoughts as to the benefit of the Big12 and the benefits to staying Independent.

Finally, what is a CougarCorner podcast without a Jimmer corner? So we turn our attention to the All-Stars basketball event being put on by the Jimmer.

Enjoy the podcast and visit to share feedback, or to enjoy spending time discussing with other fans.

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