Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Utah and UCF Reviews; Utah State Preview

We have cast our pod, Cougar fans. And covered the four corners of Cougar nation! In this weeks podcast Chad and Scott analyze the Cougars and share with you our insights.

Today on the podcast, the key Cougar Corners are:

1. Utah review - it's been a week and a half, just barely enough time to start thinking back to the worst game in BYU history during the lifetime of the podcasters. We award the Player of the Game awards to: Offense- Cody Hoffman; Defense- None; Special Teams- None.

2. UCF review - A must win game if there ever was one. The game wasn't pretty by BYU but they did Rise Up and come away with the win when they needed to. This was definitely a turning point in the team for the season and the podcasters are relieved that they turned towards victory and progress. There's a lot to discuss here such as the use of running backs during the game, and the introduction of the new CougarCorner Metric, RBER. We award the prestigious CougarCorner Podcast Player of the Game Awards to: Offense- Bryan 'The Kariyan' Kariya; Defense- Kyle Van Noy; Special Teams- Cody Hoffman.

3. Preview Utah State - Is this the defense that BYU needs to get it's offense on track again? Or will the USU offense be able to run all day on the Cougars? We cover all the aspects of the game and give some surprising keys to victory for both teams.

4. Analysis of Offensive Woes - Sadly for Cougar fans we're not nearly as far along offensively as we had hoped to be. There are a number of problems in the offense, and we talk about them all so that you can see where BYU is struggling, where they are sound, and where they can look to improve.

Jimmer Corner - We discuss the development that LeBron James will be following in the Jimmer's footsteps and wants to hold his own 'All-Stars' game.

And of course, we talk about who is doing particularly well in the prediction game.

Enjoy the podcast, and as always if you have questions or comments, or just want to be part of the discussion, stop by http://www.cougarcorner.com and join the forum!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Texas Review, Utah Preview

Cougar fans, it's time for another CougarCorner.com Podcast with your hosts, Chad and Scott! We cover the 4 corners of Cougar sports to provide you with the in-depth analysis you can only get with CougarCorner.

Today's four corners are,

1. Texas Review. We break down everything that happened in the Texas game, analyzing special teams, defense, and offense, so that you'll know where the Cougars excelled, where they struggled, and where Texas struggled and where they excelled. And of course we award our CougarCorner Players of the Game, Justin Sorensen, Austin Hold, Daniel Sorensen, and Travis Uale. But you'll have to listen to find out why!

2. In depth analysis of Jake Heaps and Brandon Doman. We break down their roles in this young offense and point out what the current problems are, and ways they can fix and overcome those issues. This is one segment you will not want to miss.

3. We turn our attention to the Utes and break down how they match up to the mighty Cougars. We break down special teams, offense, and defense and tell you which side has the edge. Finally giving our game predictions.

4. Rivalry week events. We cover some of the fun things going on with the rivalry this week.

Jimmer Corner: No CougarCorner podcast would be complete without a mention of the Jimmer. And with the All-Stars game only a week away, there's plenty to talk about.

Finally as a parting bonus we give a shout-out to those doing particularly well in the CougarCorner weekly pick'em and prediction games! Congrats on a great season so far!

Enjoy the podcast, and as always if you have questions or comments, or just want to be part of the discussion, stop by http://www.cougarcorner.com and join the forum!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ole Miss Review and Texas Preview

Cougar fans, it's time to join the CougarCorner podcast and look back at the Cougar victory over Ole Miss Rebels. We talk about how the game evolved, what went right for the Cougars and what went wrong. The game provided a good yard stick to see where the offense was under first time offensive coordinator, Brandon Doman. The Bronco Mendenhall defense was excellent also.

Next the podcasters turn their sights to Texas. We break down the team and let you know what you need to know about Texas as a Cougar fan. We talk about what it is going to take for Texas to do well, and what BYU needs to do to stop them. We also discuss where BYU must excel to overcome the Longhorns. Finally we make our predictions. Which expert is right?

Congratulations to the CougarCorner Podcast players of the week, offensively it goes to JJ DiLuigi and defensively Kyle Van Noy wins the prestigious honor on the defense.

Finally, as always, we take a moment to see where Jimmer is, and whats happening with the All-Star game.

Enjoy the podcast!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ole Miss Preview

Cougar fans it's time for the start of the football season and we have a lot to talk about! Of course this weekend BYU travels to Oxford, MS to play Ole Miss. CougarCorner podcasters Chad and Nathan share their insights into the Ole Miss program and what to look for as a fan.

We give our keys to an Ole Miss victory giving our thoughts as to where Ole Miss could attack BYU and come away with a victory. Next, we discuss the keys to a Cougar victory, pointing out what we perceive as Ole Miss biggest weaknesses and where BYU can take the most advantage of the situation.

Of course we would be remiss as Cougar podcasters if we failed to take this opportunity to discuss a bit of the events that have been unfolding in terms of conference realignment and we give some thoughts as to the benefit of the Big12 and the benefits to staying Independent.

Finally, what is a CougarCorner podcast without a Jimmer corner? So we turn our attention to the All-Stars basketball event being put on by the Jimmer.

Enjoy the podcast and visit http://cougarcorner.com to share feedback, or to enjoy spending time discussing with other fans.