Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CougarCorner Podcast Vol. 1, Episode 18

Hello Cougar fans and welcome to another CougarCorner podcast! Today, we cover the four most important corners of BYU Sports.

First of all, it's the end of Rise Up Camp (Fall Camp) and it's time to look back and review the camp. Who followed Bronco's vision and rose up? Who were those that rose highest? Who didn't rise at all? We cover it all.

Secondly, we take a hard look at the key components of the offense, not only do we predict who will succeed, but we make specific statistical prognostications! So you can now take the amount of yards Heaps will throw to the bank.

Third we turn to the season in general and discuss the teams chances of going undefeated, and what the final record will likely be.

Fourth, we cover the latest news in terms of scheduling. BYU has made some big announcements recently that affect our future schedules, and we bring them all here with the insight that you can only find at CougarCorner.com

As a Jimmer egg, we also threw in a little tidbit about Jimmer and some friends having a little basketball tournament. Enjoy!

As always, we hope you enjoy the podcast.

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