Monday, June 20, 2011

CougarCorner Podcast Vol. 1, Episode 15

Scott and Chad discuss the four key corners of Cougar Sports in the latest episode of the CougarCorner podcast. In our first corner we discuss the dominating story of Cougardom over the last year, The Jimmer. Where does Jimmer end up? The answers are here. We also discuss local media pundits who have stated best and worst case scenarios for the Jimmer. Which are right, which are wrong? Again, you'll hear it here first.

The second corner for Cougar fans is the excitement surrounding BYU recruiting and especially the camps that are currently going on. Young talent and the future of BYU teams are central in this corner.

Third, we cover the upcoming excitement Cougar football fans have to look forward to, of course we have Independence Day coming up in just a few short days, and fall camp starting soon!

Finally, we cover our collaborative summer project of creating the all-time Cougar team. We cover each player added so far and share memories and thoughts about them. Enjoy the fun, and let us know how you feel about them.

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