Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CougarCorner Podcast Vol. 1, Episode 14

Listen as Scott, Chad and Steve break down all the news in Cougar Town,  we cover it all, from Jimmer Fredette and the NBA Combine to his standing and place as an NBA prospect. We also talk about the Pope of BYU, with Mark Pope joining Dave Rose's staff.

The Cougars played for 2 national championships over the last week, with Rugby falling to Cal, and Lacrosse beating AZ St. We break down the two games and the two sports by experts who know the sport well.

And of course, nothing could make us more excited than talking about football! First we hit all the scheduling rumors that have been flying around recently, and of course the talk about possibly joining the Big East?!

We talk about the positives and the negatives, of which there were enough of both to keep things interesting. But the experts are expecting a very positive year, offensively. We talk about where this team is going and where they need to go to have a successful season.

Lastly we break down the Wide Receivers in great detail and tell you where we think they're going to go this season, which will be successful and which will struggle. Which one of the experts do you agree with or are they all wrong? Let us know!

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