Thursday, April 14, 2011

CougarCorner Podcast Vol. 1, Episode 12

Listen as Chad and Nathan break down all the news in Cougar Town, this time from a special location, the CougarCorner Cave! There has been a lot going on for Cougar fans, and we cover it all, from Jimmer Fredette and the Wooden Award to his standing and place as an NBA prospect. We also talk about Dave Rice taking the UNLV head coaching position.

In terms of football, there's a lot to cover with the spring practices culminating in the annual blue and white game held at LaVell Edwards Stadium. We talk about the positives and the negatives, of which there were enough of both to keep things interesting. We talk about where this team is going and where they need to go to have a successful season.

Lastly we break down the Running Backs in great detail and tell you where we think they're going to go this season, which will be successful and which will struggle. Which one of the experts do you agree with or are they all wrong? Let us know!

In a preview for upcoming weeks we also start going through the all-time BYU roster to find the best players to ever wear each jersey number, starting with #1. Who makes the list? Find out!

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