Monday, March 21, 2011

CougarCorner Podcast Vol. 1, Episode 9

In a very special Sweet Cougar 16 edition of the CougarCorner Podcast SpiffCoug and Hawkwing recap the first 2 games of the NCAA Tournament. The experts break down the Wofford and Gonzaga games. Preview the Florida game, including key matchups. Who do the experts think will win? Well, there may even be a preview of the Elite 8 game.

Dave Rose is a hot topic right now by CougarCorner fans, and fans everywhere. We take a good, long hard look at Dave Rose, his career, this season and the possibility of him leaving the Cougars to go some where else. Where will Rose end up after this season? Listen and find out.

Finally, the guys talk about football. Yes, the guys are back on the gridiron and we're bringing you all the latest news on how the guys are doing, what to look forward to and what to watch out for now.

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