Monday, March 28, 2011

CougarCorner Podcast Vol. 1, Episode 10

This is the first ever, very special, post Sweet 16 Podcast. Together Scott and I break down BYU's sweet 16 game against Florida. We break down the positives and the negatives from the game. We talk about BYU's Tournament run and what went right and what went wrong. Next the two experts discuss the Cougar season as a whole and where we go from here. The future of the Cougars couldn't be complete without a discussion of coach Rose and his future. By the end of this discussion you'll know exactly what Rose will do. The Cougars are also making some news in the football side of things. Scott and I discuss whats new in with the football players, who is looking well and who is looking great. Enjoy the podcasts my friends!

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